Leveling up: When you gain enough experience, you will gain a level. With each new level, (2) extra laps will be added permanently to your total starting from your next game. 

Matching Orbs: When matching 4 or more Orbs, you will gain one (1) extra Lap for each Orb over 3 matched. (4 Orbs: +1 Lap, 5 Orbs: +2 Laps, 6 Orbs: +3 Laps, etc.). 

Cascading combos: You can also gain extra Laps when creating cascading combos. Each 2-merge combo will give you two (2) extra Laps.

Keep playing:  When your game ends, whether because you ran out of Laps or you filled out the grid, you will be able to Keep Playing by watching a short video. Doing so will remove the outer layer of Orbs on the grid and also give you 12 additional Laps.