The goal of the game is to make as many points as possible by matching Orbs rapidly before you run out of Laps.

Launching:  Simply tap anywhere on the screen to launch your the Orb toward the center of the grid. Orbs will stop if they hit another Orb or reach the center of the grid. 

Laps: You start each game with a pre-determined amount of Laps. Every time the Orb you are about to launch crosses the line, you lose a Lap. If you run out of Laps, your game ends. 

Merge: When 3 Orbs of the same color / number match, they merge toward the last orb launched and become a single orb of the next Orb number. The numbers double with every merge 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 etc. 

Gravity: All the Orbs try to go toward the center of the grid when they can, this means that after a merge, the Orbs will reposition themselves toward the center of the grid. 

Cascading / Combos: When you merge Orbs, you should try to line them up so that the new Orb created from the merge will then create another merge of the higher points value. 

Points: You get points every time you match 3 or more Orbs together. Here is the formula for calculating the score:  The amount of Orbs in the match, minus 1, times the number ON the orb. For example, if you match 4 orbs with the number 2, you will get 6 points. ( 4 Orbs - 1 Orb = 3 Orbs /  3 x 2 (number on the Orb) = 6 points )

Score Multiplier: When matching 4 or more Orbs at the same time, you will gain a score multiplier. As long as this combo is active, all the points you gather will be multiplied by this number.  The combo meter will slowly disappear as time goes by, going down to the previous multiplier (ex: From x4 down to x5). Doing any merge will reset the timer on the current level of the multiplier. While the multiplier is active, if you perform another combo, the multiplier will go up one level. (ex: Do a 2-merge combo to get a x2 multiplier. While the x2 multiplier is active, perform another 2-merge combo to make the multiplier go up to x3).  

Extra Laps: When matching 4 or more Orbs, you will gain one (1) extra Lap for each Orb over 3 matched. (4 Orbs: +1 Lap, 5 Orbs: +2 Laps, 6 Orbs: +3 Laps, etc.). You can also gain extra Laps when creating cascading combos. Each 2-merge combo will give you two (2) extra Laps.

Swap next: In the top left corner of the screen, you can see the next Orb that will be put in the launcher next. If you launch an Orb against the edge of the board and that space is already filled with another Orb, your currently equipped Orb will be switched with the Orb shown in the "Next" area. You can do this as much as you want or can.