XP: Everytime you complete a game, you are awarded experience points according to the score you just got in your game. Gather enough experience and you will gain a level. 

Level: Every time you gain a level you will get additional Laps for your next game. You gain 2 additional laps for every level you gain up to level 12, which is the highest level you can reach.

Double XP:  At the end of every game, you will have the option to Double (2X) the amount of experience by watching a short video. 

Endless Mode: When you reach level 12 you will also unlock the Endless Mode, in which there is no Laps limitation and the only way to lose is if you fill out the board.

Furious Mode: When you reach level 16 you will also unlock the Furious Mode, in which the orb rotates much faster than in the other available modes. The scoring system is slightly altered to give you more extra laps when doing combos.

Extreme Mode: When you reach level 20 you will also unlock the Extreme Mode, in which there is no Laps limitation but there are fewer spaces on the board to drop your orbs. The score multiplier also never goes back down during your session, it only goes up!