The goal of the game is to make as many points as possible by collecting as many Gems as possible before the laser coming from the top reaches your Hero. 

The deeper you get in the canyon, the higher value Gems you'll find.

Once your Hero has launched down the canyon, press the left side or right side of the screen to have your Hero start moving in that direction. 

You can also pick up Powerups when going down that will help you go deeper. 

See the Powerups section for details on each of them. 

If any of your Heroes gather enough speed while falling, they will destroy the next couple rows of blocks they hit.

Different Heroes have different properties, the best way to get a feel of each of them is to play a game with each new Hero you unlock.  

The game ends when the laser touches your Hero. 

You'll still have a few seconds to grab a few extra Gems but once the laser got you, your time is counted.