There are multiple game modes you can play in Chezz but the basic functionalities always remain basically the same.

Once a match starts, press on any of your pieces to select it. Once a piece is selected, one or many dots will appear on the board to show you the possible destinations for the selected piece.

Press on the desired destination and your piece will start moving toward that point. Note that you can also press and drag them to their final location.

There are 6 types of pieces in the game: Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King. All of them move according to the same rules as regular chess.

In a regular game (Take the King), your objective is to capture your opponent's King. There are other game modes you'll encounter in the game like Survival and Elimination. 

Survival: Protect your king and make sure he survives for the amount of time required. 

Destruction: You win the game by capturing every piece of your opponent's team.